Insurance for Your Whole Life

Life insurance comes in many shapes and sizes and finding the right fit for your life can be daunting to say the least. It can be tempting to simply find the least expensive solution and go with that. But like all products, sometimes the least expensive option can end up costing you more in the […]

How the 2019 Passive Investment Income Changes Affect Your Small Business

January 17, 2019 After a lot of public debate in the tax and small business community around the way in which passive investment income is taxed in Canadian controlled private corporations, the changes that were announced in the 2018 Federal Budget are now law. These changes will limit the amount of the small business deduction […]

Five Common Misconceptions When Purchasing Life Insurance

November 16, 2018 If the thought of purchasing life insurance overwhelms you, this article will provide you with tips to give you clarity on some of the fundamentals of life insurance planning. Since confusion can lead to missing key information, we will discuss how to avoid five common life insurance misconceptions. #1      Group […]

Stress Less About Your Future with Life Insurance

October 2, 2018 What is life insurance? Life insurance helps protect your loved ones financially if you pass away while your policy is in force. You can tailor your life insurance policy to help sustain your dependents’ current lifestyle, housing and education to name a few typical expenses, using a “death benefit” (a lump sum […]

Life Insurance for Financial Protection

September 25, 2018 How much Life Insurance do I need? If you’ve decided that you need life insurance, how do you know how much is enough to protect your family financially in the case of premature death? The amount of life insurance you need can be a difficult question to answer, but this article will […]

TFSA vs RRSP vs both. What’s best for me? June 4, 2018

Updated June 5, 2018 By Chris Nicola of WealthBar I recently read an in-depth analysis by David Chilton (AKA The Wealthy Barber) looking into a specific question: TFSA vs RRSP? I was inspired to do some in-depth analysis on my own. One end result of doing all that research: I went ahead and created WealthBar’s […]

Cognitive Decline and Vitamins: As Simple as C and E

Posted on May 9, 2018 Underwriting for older lives remains a challenge and cognitive decline is the hardship most often seen among our aging population and client base. Asking the right questions and looking at emerging data continue to be underwriting cornerstones. Researchers continue to study whether alternative therapies may help stave off the earliest […]

Binges, Blackouts, and the Risky Drinker

Posted on April 18, 2018 Alcohol use varies greatly among insurance applicants as does the impact on health and mortality. In North America, almost 100,000 deaths annually are attributed to alcohol and the cost is in excess of $250 billion*. How much is too much is a perennial question and current thinking pegs healthy drinking […]

How Insurance Provides Security – and Opportunity – for your Business

Your life, your family and your business deserve protection and if you’re a business owner, insurance can provide that security in a number of ways that may surprise you. It can also provide opportunity to help build assets – and your business – in a tax-effective way for your retirement or estate plan. The Purchase […]

Genes, Testing, and the Angelina Jolie Effect

Posted on March 14, 2018 In May 2017, the Canadian parliament passed the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act (GNA) – formerly known as Bill S-201 – that precludes, under certain conditions, the insurance industry’s ability to use genetic tests for underwriting. The GNA, an Act to prohibit and prevent discrimination, states that genetic test information can no […]